About us

When it was founded in 2007, the Ismael Foundation set itself the goal of making Christian literature available in the Arabic language.

First project

Through the first project, almost 20 volumes of Rev. Meeuse’s series “Bible Narratives” have been translated into Arabic and thousands of copies have been distributed in Egypt.


Since 2012, the Ismael Foundation has broadened its objectives and, in addition to distributing literature, it also offers practical diaconal (emergency) assistance; and no longer only in Egypt, but in the various countries of the Middle East where Arabic is the main language. We are very grateful that the translation of the Van Dam children’s Bible into Arabic has been completed. And through this expansion, the Ismael Foundation has also been able to meet the dire need that exists in this area in the Arab world.

Current mission

The Ismael Foundation works with all kinds of Reformed denominations in the Netherlands. It focuses on the spiritual needs of the Arabic-speaking peoples in Muslim countries in the Middle East, whether these countries are open for the gospel or not.