Board and Office

The Ismael Foundation wants to do its work based on its connection with brothers and sisters in the Arab world and its compassion for Muslims in that area. She does this on the basis of the infallible Word of God and the three Forms of Unity based on it and with respect for the uniqueness of God's Church in the Arab context.


The board of the Ismael Foundation is composed as follows:

  • Rev. W. Visscher – chairman
  • Steef (S.D.) Post, secretary, coach and mediator
  • Maarten (M.) Waaijenberg, treasurer
  • Lydia (L.) van Arnhem-Slager
  • Kees (C.) van Burg
  • Bart-Jan (B.J.) Noorlander
  • Bart (B.) Pater
  • Jan (J.) Roukens

The work of board members and volunteers is unpaid (except for travel expenses).


For questions or general information, please contact office manager Jan (J.H.) Vreeken

Office address:
Ambachtstraat 1
2922 CA  Krimpen aan den IJssel
The Netherlands
+31 6 340 854 19


We believe transparency is important. By publishing the annual reports, we provide insight into the figures and provide accountability for the funds received and spent. However, for security reasons it is not always possible to mention projects and contact persons by name. If you have additional questions, please contact the treasurer, Mr. M. Waaijenberg: