Online guidance for Fatima and Mohammed

News article

Who will help Fatima from Jordan find answers to her many questions? And who should Mohammed from Iraq speak to about his faith in Jesus Christ? Social media offer unprecedented opportunities, not only for spreading the Gospel, but also for personal contact with people who are interested in the Biblical message or have already come to faith.

From Lebanon, a team of volunteers manages various social media channels that reach Muslims throughout the Middle East. Several times a week they share a Bible text or something else with Christian content via Facebook and Instagram, among others. Questions from ‘searchers’ are answered via the chat function or via WhatsApp and Telegram.

Answers to Fatima’s questions

Fatima from Jordan comes from a strict religious Muslim family. However, while studying the Quran, Fatima comes across things that she thinks are incorrect. She searches for answers, but no one can help her to her satisfaction. Finally she decides to read the Bible. Through the power of the Gospel she is convinced that this is the truth.
But who will help Fatima now? How can she grow in faith and learn more about God and His Word? Through the social media channel she comes into contact with Sister Rima, who puts her in touch with a pastor in her own country Jordan. This can help and guide her with her questions and to further shape life with the Lord in a practical way. She can also find a church community for Fatima that can support her.

Loneliness and alienation

Mohammed from Iraq must keep his faith in Jesus Christ strictly secret. He contacted our team via Telegram. He doesn’t use his real name and doesn’t have a profile photo for fear of being recognized. Mohammed was added by Brother Boulos to a Telegram group where he can learn more about the Bible and the Christian faith. Muhammad describes a feeling of alienation and loneliness since he converted to Christianity. Only when he prays does this feeling disappear. With the words of John 15: 19, Boulos was able to encourage him: If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you. In this way, Mohammed learns that the feeling of alienation is normal for anyone who believes in Christ and that he does not have to become despondent about it.

Brothers and sisters for Mohammed

Yet the Lord does not leave him alone in his loneliness and He brought Mohammed into contact with fellow Christians in a special way. “I accidentally greeted the pharmacist with ‘Peace be with you in Christ.’ Immediately afterwards I got terribly scared! But the pharmacist greeted me back in the same way and we started talking.” Not long after, the pharmacist introduced him to other people who had converted from Islam to Christianity. Thus the Lord Himself provided a circle of brothers and sisters for Muhammad. It ultimately strengthened his desire to be baptized. “For me, my baptism was like a major reset of a computer, after which it works again with greater power. And if there wasn’t so much fear in our society, half of Iraq could be Christian right now!”

Prayer requested

The above stories are true; These are just a few examples of the effect of our messages on social media channels. The Internet offers good opportunities to reach people in the Arab world. Easily accessible contact can be made with our team members, without others immediately noticing. We see the Lord using it as a means to bring people to Him. Do you continue to remember Fatima, Mohammed and many other secret believers in your prayers? And please don’t forget the team behind these channels. They need a lot of wisdom and insight to help people in the right way. In addition to genuine questions, they also receive a lot of hate and opposition through the same social media channels. They need your prayers too!