Online lectures on Biblical teaching


We aim to make Biblical and theological education available to anyone who wants to know more about the Bible.


Purpose Biblical and theological education in the Arabic language.

Project Translation, voice-over and publication.

Cost 4 video lectures (more then 70 lessons) can be produced for €45,000


Our partner, the John Knox Institute of Higher Education, aims to equip churches worldwide to proclaim God’s word.
The online lectures (lectures) published by them will be translated and published by the Ishmael Foundation in Arabic. The lectures are suitable for Bible study groups and individual use.
Below is a picture of an online lecture offered in Chinese; Ismael Foundation chooses to provide the lectures with subtitles and voice-over.

Clicking on the picture will open the video.


Our mission is to make biblical and theological education in the Arabic language available through video and audio lectures and lessons. Anyone who speaks Arabic and wants to know more about the Bible and theology and thus more about the fundamental history of our Reformed heritage can then use this content.

“How wonderful that Biblical and theological education is also offered in Arabic.”